Stupid Swift Tricks #4: Writing A Big App In It — Wooji Juice

I hear a lot about people taking a wait-and-see approach to Swift, or dipping a toe in by migrating a few pieces here and there, or even in some cases outright rejecting it… but I haven’t heard many people talking about diving in head-first on a big, “Pro App”-sized project. So I thought I’d write up something about it.First, the tl;dr:I’m really liking Swift.I would totally do it again.Which isn’t to say that it was pain-free: there were certainly times when I doubted the sanity of diving that deeply into Swift, that early.But it paid off: I believe I wouldn’t have been able to write an app on the scale of Ferrite, in anywhere near the time it took, using Objective-C, and the result speaks for itself: it’s probably the most powerful and stable thing I’ve written, won a Best New iOS App of 2015 from Relay FM’s Upgrade podcast, and one of their new podcasts, Canvas, is produced with it.Writing in Swift enabled a bunch of interesting techniques I expect to be using a lot going forward

Source: Stupid Swift Tricks #4: Writing A Big App In It — Wooji Juice


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