Till Lindemann: Licence To Till – Metal Hammer

if Lindemann were to play live, he wants a stripped-down show: “I think it’s better when it’s just pure energy, rock’n’roll, no pyro,” he says. “Leave all this bullshit behind and just play the songs.”Colour us intrigued – the frontman of one of metal’s most shamelessly showy bands labelling pyro and ballyhoo as “bullshit”? Given the nature of Till’s day job, this statement is perhaps a little worrying, and with Rammstein guitarist Richard Z Kruspe telling Hammer late last year that he didn’t know what the future held for the German titans, it adds further uncertainty to when or even if we’ll see the six-headed pyromaniac monster rise again. Luckily, though the other Rammstein members are indeed off doing their own thing at the moment, it seems, according to their frontman at least, that that chapter hasn’t been closed just yet.

Source: Till Lindemann: Licence To Till – Metal Hammer


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